Historic Downtown Manassas    9409 Battle Street


TOUR The McCall Studio Gallery, Divisions of DMVISUAL LLC's 
historic visual arts exhibit, community exhibit, studio gallery, and attend our
fun gallery events!
CALL 571.379.7598 www.dmvisualgallery.com
WE CREATE AND FOSTER ENDURING IMAGE!  We are a private gallery of visual arts curated to encourage, promote and
inspire the arts and economic development of our community!  If you are an artist, please contact us, we jury exhibits, inspire the arts and economic development of our community!  Call 571.379.7598


  1. Wow, what a great idea and presentation! The art in your gallery and history tour is beautiful and has impact! We also enjoy meeting the artists at events, and how the stories become told through the visual and the emotion of the artist hand and heart.
  2. We had such a great time. Thank you for your thoughtful and welcoming gallery. Your promotion of the arts speaks volumes of your values to encourage creativity in our community.
  3. I love wearing your studio gallery products. They feel substantial and the color and design is beautiful.
  4. I am so thrilled with the art piece I bought from your gallery. It looks great where I wanted to hang it. Thank you for your help also consulting with me about the space I was thinking of hanging it, considering my surrounding rug and furnishings photo. I am very pleased!
  5. The piece is so well made and perfect with my outfit, I love it!!!
  6. • Your gallery and tour is fabulous! We will be back again! • The sculpture is amazing, and the story behind it so interesting!
  7. Thank you, the art we found at your gallery for my birthday is just what I wanted. We stumbled upon your gallery, and so glad we did!
  8. The group history art exhibit tour was educational and stunning in so many ways, thanks you for a fun and inspiring experience!
  9. Wow, you have so many diverse art products, and artist work here and the place is so beautiful. We are so glad we came here after lunch so we could spend time and experience the history tour as well!
  10. • I saw your sign and looked you up on Facebook, so glad to see and enjoy the gallery and events! • The bag was perfect for my out of town work conference! Thanks! • My friend and I loved coming here, inspiring afternoon at your gallery! What a great place to bring relatives when in town and my work groups!
McCall, Founder, has been a diverse artist for
37 years and loves curating others' art, and helping encourage the fine and diverse visual arts in our community!  In Virginia she has taught Higher Education Visual Communications.
McCall Studio Gallery in Historic Downtown Manassas is a private collection of fine and diverse visual arts services and products.  Our mission is to encourage and support
the arts in our community.  We feature community and national artists.  We offer our 1920's historic art exhibit tours, community exhibits, and art and design products!



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